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Living From a Joyous Place

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Living from a Joyous place

We have found it can be difficult during hard times to stay positive and calm, so we want to offer you some of our favorite ways to reground and come back into the present moment. It can be difficult to let go of fear and begin to live from a more joyous place so we invite you to pick and choose what works for you and give them a try. 

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  • Nature

    At the core of living low waste is for the protection of the nature that surrounds us. Get outside, honor and love it! It could simply be a walk in your neighborhood or maybe a hike through the mountains. Look up a local state park and go explore a new place. Turn your phone on airplane mode and tuck it away while enjoying the energy that surrounds you. I find placing your hands directly on the earth invites you to reconnect to this true source. Place you bare hands on the earth and feel her, she holds you within her and invites us to ground into her. It is the perfect medicine when you are feeling overwhelmed and fearful. 

  • Get quiet with the everyday

    Get quiet, turn off all the distractions around you and sit with that food or beverage that sits in front of you. Thank all that it took to bring this food to your plate or cup. Everything single thing down to the soil that the plants grew in, the moon and sunlight it took in that you are now consuming. Take the time to taste every bite and sip, no distractions from the outside, just you and the food that nourishes and gives you life. This practice can be done even when you are sitting at your desk by just being present to how the water (in your reusable bottle/cup) touches your lips, fills your mouth and nourishes you. Take a few moments and feel it and thank it! 

  • Nourishing Friendships 

    Surround yourself with those that light up your heart and spark the inspiration to keep going. Nourishing friendships that lift each other up can be hard to find but vital in this climate of the world. If you have a group of wonderful people around you that you can open up and feel supported in this journey of life hold them tightly and plan time together. Cook, hike, explore and be together. If you have not found that group let us start the conversation here and begin connecting with one another. List below in the comments where you are located and if you are located in that area lets start Refill Revolution meet ups!  Gathering like minded people together to lift one another up and help this beautiful earth. 


We are all going through the flows of life but you are not alone. Together we choose to live from joy and embrace the beauty of the world around us. Return to the basics and the simplicity of that, that nurtures your body, mind and soul. What have you found helps you? We would love to hear from you!