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Mountain & Mimosas DIY @ Refill Revolution

Jon BarlowComment

You guys. We have a new favorite store in Boulder: Refill Revolution. Brittney, the owner, runs a one-woman show where she aims to reduce waste by providing re-usable containers and bulk body care and household products.  She offers a variety of products from local liquid detergents to organic herbs sold by the ounce, and you can bring in your own container (or purchase one there!) to fill up. It’s not only super affordable and eco friendly, but it’s also a great place for DIY projects! We spent the afternoon at her shop making bath salts, essential oil "perfume", and body scrub.

You can do all kinds of things with the extensive essential oil selection in the store. We chose a roll-on container and then sampled different oils to see which combinations we liked best.  Eventually, we decided on an energetic mix of grapefruit and peppermint, but there were so many options to choose from! 

Whether you want to fill up some old containers you have at home with eco friendly product or want to make a one of a kind gift for a friend or family member, Refill Revolution has a little something for everyone.  Plus, it feels good to know that you're reducing waste and getting great quality products in the process! 

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