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Our Top Five Low Waste Everyday Items

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Our Top Five

Low Waste Everyday Items

We have had many request to offer you all a place to come read and learn about living low waste and we are excited you are here for our first post! To kick things off here with you all we are going to return to the foundations. One thing we love about living low waste is finding new purposes for items we have always had. It gives you an opportunity to look at the world and the items we own with new creative eyes. Below you will find the top five items we carry with us on the go. These items have brought us the most ease moving through everyday life being low waste and we hope will help you along your journey!

1. Mason Jar

Yes, the most classic “Zero Waste” item but hey its pretty perfect for everything! It works divine for any and all beverages especially if you forget a reusable water bottle. You can also use it to fill up with leftovers from a restaurant or hey what about that soup you are eyeing. Plus if you end up at the market you can put bulk grains in here. They are iconic for a reason and we are not at all ashamed to be jumping on that bandwagon and hope you aren’t also!

2. Cloth Bag

Yes, yes, yes! These are the best, you can throw the books you got at the library in here, pick up groceries with this, carry all your goodies in it. Plus if you are not using it, it can easily be folded up and placed in your bag or backpack!

3. Cloth Napkin

This napkin isn’t just any old napkin. Yes, it can serve the purpose of wiping the food off your hands and your face. Yet it can serve so many more purposes,  wrap your mason jar in it to protect it in your bag, or wrap your reusable utensils in it. Are you looking at that bagel, muffin or loaf of bread but wondering how to avoid the packaging they wrap it in? Ask them to put in your napkin!  We also love using it to wrap produce in if we don’t have our reusable produce bags with us! You can reuse an old piece of fabric, bandana or we have a collection of linen napkins here.


Bringing your own utensils and straw with you is one to the easiest ways to avoid the dreaded single use plastic. Straws might be our worst most enemy and love all the reusable ones that are on the market. Check out our array of options here! Our bamboo utensils are great, they are lightweight and easy to travel with (TSA won't take them away!) but if you are just starting on this low waste journey simply use a fork knife and spoon you already own! No need to buy something if you already have it.

5. A voice to say NO.

We know, this not an item per se but it is one of the most powerful tools in our tool box. It can be scary to speak up and say no thank you to the norm all around us. May that be the pesky plastic straw they try to give you a restaurants, the single use utensils given to you, all the paper napkins left on the table or the unlimited refills on water they give even when you have yet made a dent in. We get it, it can be overwhelming especially if you are just starting in this new found way of life. Yet we can say the more you start to say NO and start saying YES to what you need and want it can bring much more ease. Let us give you a little challenge with this one, try to use your voice to say NO at least once this week. Let us know what you do and how you feel, you can comment below or you can share with us on Instagram using #JointheRefillRevolution

Are you ready to start this journey? Are you already on it? We hope these tips have helped sparked some new ideas for you either way and cannot wait to see you using them in action! If you have any specific topics, stories or something that lights your heart up that you want to see from us here let us know below in the comments.