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Low Waste Grocery Shopping

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Low Waste

Grocery Shopping

Lets go grocery shopping, and let’s do it low waste! Take a look at your pantry and fridge, what do you see? What is currently wrapped in packaging you got at the store? Is it the fruits and veggies in a plastic package? Is it pre-packaged dinners and meals? We all have our thing what is yours? We understand it can be difficult to cut the waste from your life we have been in your shoes. Somedays especially when traveling we struggle to find a way to avoid plastic.

Do you live in an area that does not have access to a bulk store or whole foods? We get it, filling your mason jars and avoiding the packaging can be hard in these situations. So we invite you to use these tips we have suggested below for both the person with a bulk store in their community and the person with just a chain grocery.

  • Bring that reusable tote! Ok, maybe a couple of them!

Say no to the plastic bags! Know if you forget the tote bag and your community has recycling you can choose the paper instead!

It can be hard to give up the produce bags and boxes for the fruits and veggies unwrapped. We commonly hear people say they are afraid they are dirty and they will not keep as well. We invite you rinse them, cut them up, and store in an airtight container or wrap them in our favorite plastic wrap alternative, beeswax cloth, It not only makes them last longer but you have everything prepped and ready making it easier to cook at home than eat out on a busy day!  Choosing to by produce this way also supports eating seasonal foods, good for you and good for this beautiful Earth!

  • When in doubt check if the thing you are looking for comes in a glass or can form. Glass can be reused, we are armed with many in our pantry and aluminum can be fully recycled!

  • Looking for dried goods?

If you have produce bags bring extras for your dried goods and if you do not have that available to you look for things in paper. You can usually find large bags of rice in paper and most pasta is packaged in a box. If this is not available you might have to choose something in plastic but go for the biggest option so you can make it last longer.

  • Bring that reusable napkin we mentioned here with you!

It is perfect if you are wanting to get bread, you can go to the bakery and ask them to wrap it for you in your napkin!

  • What about the Deli you ask?

Ask if they will wrap everything in paper or bring your own metal tin! Most butchers wrap meat in paper but this is where your voice to say NO comes in. Just ask for what you need!

We understand it can be difficult to grocery shop low waste but start small and simple. It takes time to fully shift and that is ok. We invite you to be compassionate with yourself just as you are with this wonderful Mother Earth we are all here striving to protect through our low waste lifestyle. How are you going to move through the market low waste? What tips do you have that have helped you let’s get this conversation started and share our personal tips here in the comments!