Refill Revolution


Oils Refill Program


Essential Oil Refill Program... How's it work?!

If you're local to Boulder, Colorado you can always bring in your empty essential oil bottles and refill, or purchase a starter bottle and fill at the storefront. We offer pure, organic essential oils as well as other additive oils such as CBD oil, rose hip, argan, etc. 

So, What if I'm not local?

No worries at all! Of course I encourage you to explore your local refill options first, and if nothing makes sense for you, then this method may be an option for you.

1.) Send your empty bottles to our storefront with a list of the oils and quantities you want inside.

2.) After I receive your package and fill your oils I will create a custom item for you online.

3.) Pay for your items online. Once your item is paid for I will ship it back your way!

*PLEASE email me and give me a heads up that your package is coming, and also so I can a way to contact you once your custom item is ready.