Refill Revolution


Where do you deliver?

If you live in the US, simply select the USPS Priority Shipping option at checkout and we will mail your product(s) directly to your door!

What about Canada? We will ship to you too! Select the "Canada Shipping" option at checkout. Click HERE to learn more.

What do I do with my empty bottles?

Keep them and reuse them again, and again and again! That's what makes this so great!

We will deliver the new product directly to you in a plastic pouch with a spout. When you get the product, empty the contents into your bottle.

Return your pouches to us using the pre-paid postage included in your delivery.

How do you clean the pouches?

We carefully scrub, rinse and sanitize each and every pouch upon receiving it back from you using all natural products. We take great care in doing this to ensure that your product is 100% pure and safe for you and your family.

What can I expect with delivery?

We will always deliver your bulk products in one of our reusable pouches - even if you purchase a bottle at the same time. This will allow you to choose which product gets put into which bottle and gradually fill your bottles as needed using the easy-to-use spouted pouch.

Have additional questions? Click HERE to contact us!