Refill Revolution


What is Refill Revolution??

We're your one-stop-refill-shop for all of your household cleaning and body care products. What could be better? Well what if we brought it right to your door. Pretty great, right?

All you have to do is choose your product online and have it shipped directly to you. When the pouch is empty, return it to us using the pre-paid postage included in your shipment! We currently offer delivery anywhere in the US, Canada and the U.K. We're working on offering to other countries soon!

And it doesn't stop at bulk products! Check out our vast selection of other goods to help you reduce the waste you produce.

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Think about it. Why would you make something that you’re going to use for a few minutes out of a material that’s basically going to last forever, and you’re just going to throw it away. What’s up with that?
— Jeb Berrier

We're in this together..

Over the last ten years we have produced more plastic than during the whole of the last century. No big deal though, right?? Well, it is when only 27% of the bottles we produce annually are recycled. The rest that find their way into a garbage can will head off to a landfill or the ocean where they can slowly break down, but wait - it takes 450 years on average for a single plastic bottle to break down. See where this is heading?

With some simple changes to our daily routines, we can have a lasting impact on this rapidly growing problem. Come join us! 


Our Goal

To help others in reducing their waste by offering bulk refills, reusable products that replace single-use disposable products, and products that are sustainably packaged that will not contribute to the landfills. 

About Me

My name is Brittney LaGesse and I'm super passionate about reducing waste and teaching others how to reduce theirs! 

I'm eager to educate, empower and enable people to make minor changes that can have a major impact. Please reach out with any questions at all; let's make a difference.

I also love my dog... a lot. 

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